It might be hard to think this Way but, an old Gardening adage is:

Feed The Soil, Not The plants.”


For centuries man has been adding things to poor soils to improve their ability to support healthy plant growth. In general, most plants grow by absorbing nutrients from the soils location, soil contains some combination of sand and organic matter. A soil enhancer is a product which is added to the soil to improve the soils physical qualities (especially) its ability to provide nutrition for plants. Soil enhancers can be used to rebuild soils which have been damaged. They can make poor soils more usable, and can be used to maintain soils in peak conditions. Your far better off increasing the organic matter and using a soil enhancer as a nutrient boost for your plants.

  • An all purpose, balanced soil enhancer formulation contributes to overall plant health.
  • Improvement in plant colour and overall health and growth.
  • Helps promote the growth of bacteria and other beneficial organisms.
  • Contains macro and micro nutrients that remain in their natural state.
  • Can be applied with no worries to human or animal health.
  • Liquid soil enhancer improves overall plant health by providing needed nutrients and fighting off diseases.

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